Be a student or a professional or a business person, we cannot think of a day without having our hands on the laptop. Apart from work and study, we use this amazing device for entertainment purposes also. Many of us spend lots of money on having the best quality HP laptops. HP is a leading laptop provider and is in the industry for decades. Still, users face some issues. Today, we will talk about the issues along with the best solutions. So, take a cup of coffee, and enjoy cozy sips with this effective blog.

Kindly note, that if the issues are major, take it to the HP Laptop Service Center in Kolkata for the best results.

5 common HP laptop problems with solutions

Loud fan and heating up during shutting down

Generally, laptops get moved around a lot. We place them anywhere to ensure our comfort. But it can cause limitations to their air intake. The air intake is important for the fan. It can result in dust collection along with other foreign elements that affect the performance of the fan.

Solution: Try to place your laptop on hard and flat surfaces, soft places like pillows may block the air passage. Compressed air is the best option to clean the fan. Apart from this, you can set a limit on the number of programs you run at a time.

Slowly running laptop

This is a very common HP laptop problem and it can be a result of the lack of hard drive space. Apart from the shortage of space, due to malware attacks or the first sign of equipment can give birth to such issues.

Solution: You can increase the space using appropriate SD cards. Or you can take it to the best HP Laptop Service Center in Kolkata.

The battery doesn’t last

We always expect good battery support from HP laptops as they are reliable options available in the market. But sometimes, we get fed up in this area.

Solution: Ensure all charging cables are working fine. Next, you should drain the entire battery and recharge then. If the issue comes back, consult with expert technicians for the best solution.

Constant internet connection loss

This issue simply irritated us especially when we are in mid of an official work or educational project. It could be a sort of equipment failure.

Solution: Hit the actual wireless button or switch to activate the internet connection. The connection should have the on status. After that, you can reboot the router. Still, if you have issues, you can troubleshoot the network.

Black screen

After switching on the laptop you may hear it running but the screen may remain black.

Solution: First, you should unplug the power, remove the battery, and hold the power button for 30 to 60 seconds. Then you can reattach the power cord and reboot the device. After that, shut down the device, put in the battery, and again hit the reboot button.

These are 5 common HP laptop problems and we have discussed the solution. In case of a major issue, if you are not sure how to go about fixing it, take it to the nearest service center as soon as possible. If you are in search of the HP Laptop Service Center in Kolkata, contact us today and you won’t regret it!