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We Repair All Kinds of
HP Laptops
LETS FIX YOUR DEVICE Your HP laptop is not working properly ! We are here to help
you can connect with us.
We Repair All Kinds of
HP Printers
LETS FIX YOUR DEVICE For availing of the best HP printer repair service in Kolkata,
you can deal with us.
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HP Laptop Service Center in Kolkata have been offering all kinds of affordable HP laptop and HP printer repair services in Kolkata for many years. If your HP laptop or HP printer is not working properly, bring it to us and we’ll repair your device quickly and cost-effectively. We are an authorized HP service center in Kolkata and we’ll save your device life with professional repair services. We have well-experienced professionals to deal with any kind of issues related to your HP laptop or HP printer.

Battery Charging issue

If your HP laptop battery is not getting charged properly, you can contact our service center. We'll fix battery issues with perfection.

Damaged Laptop Screen Replacement

In case your laptop screen gets damaged or broken, don’t be worried. We offer the best screen replacement service.

Laptop Display Issue

For resolving any kind of display issue, you can contact us. We can solve any problem-related HP Laptops.

Power Button issue

If the power button stops responding, we can help you in that case. We are the most reliable HP Laptop Service Center in Kolkata.

HP Printer Slow Problem Solution

Sometimes printers perform slowly. If you are struggling with this issue, you can contact us. We'll fix in no time.

HP Printer Hardware Repair

We are always ready to serve you for any kind of HP printer hardware repair service in Kolkata.

Printer Colors Missing Solution

If you are stressed due to the printer color missing problem, you can get connected with us. We'll fix at an affordable prices.

HP Printer Ghosting Solution

To solve the HP printer ghosting problem, you can count on us. Our certified technicians can easily fix your problem.

We Fix All Kinds of HP Laptop and HP Printer Problems
Whether you need HP Laptop or HP printer repair services in Kolkata, we are here to save your device life with professional repair services. We fix all the models of HP Laptops and HP Printers, including the latest ones.
Quick & Convenient Repair Process
We are Professional Technicians
Only Use High Quality Parts
We Take a Reasonable Service Charge
Steps For Repairing
Your Device
You can get your laptop and printer repaired by following a few steps.
Submit Your HP Laptop or HP Printer at Our Service Center

Your Device Will be Fixed by Our Certified Technicians

Get Your Device Back Like New and That Simple

We Use Genuine Parts to Fix your Device
Low Pricing & Faster Repair Services
HP Laptop Service Center in Kolkata always picks the best product to repair any HP laptop or HP printer. Once you get in touch with us you could not have asked for a better option. As an authorized HP service center in Kolkata, we offer fast repair service at quite an affordable price.
Avg. Time Of Repair
Happy Clients
Devices Fixed Monthly
Read FAQ’s
Your all questions are answered here about our services.

Can I get a fast laptop repair service?

Yes, we always try to offer prompt laptop repairing service.

Is the printer service charge economical?

Yes, you don’t need to spend more to repair your printer.

Can I get a warranty after laptop and printer repair?

Of course, you will get a 6 months warranty after a successful repair.

Will I get genuine parts?

Yes, we never compromise with the quality of our service. Thus, we use original parts.

Are there skilled professionals?

Yes, we have well experienced, skilled professionals to get the job done.

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    Why Choose Us?
    Use Only Genuine Parts
    As an authorized HP service center in Kolkata, we use only genuine parts and accessories to fix your device.
    Leaders in the Repair Industry
    We offer the best HP laptop and HP printer Repair Services in Kolkata.
    Offer Repair Warranty
    We provide our clients with repair warranty for genuine parts and accessories. So, don’t be worried.
    Experienced Specialists at Work
    We have well-experienced professionals to deal with any kind of issues related to HP laptops and printers.
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    Quick & Affordable HP Laptop and HP Printer Repairing Services in Kolkata