One of the most popular laptops that people constantly prefer for their work and personal uses is HP Laptop. But before buying the laptop of your choice, you should accept a fact – this may hang sometimes. Reason? Well, this may be because of how you use the laptop, the software you have installed, malfunctioning of some parts and others. Just like laptops of any other company or brand, HP laptops may also hang for these reasons.

What to do in this situation? Of course, you should get the hanging problem fixed to use the laptop at the speed you have used yet. There are a few simple steps to follow to solve the hanging problem. Let’s share the information. Keep reading up to the end!

Fixing HP Laptop Hanging Problem

Solve HP laptop hanging problem following the steps below.

  1. Try to choose the task manager and then restart your HP Laptop. (If this doesn’t solve the issue, try the next solution.)
  2. Try to check the parts that are necessary and reset the laptop.

If the second-mentioned solution doesn’t fix the problem, make sure to visit the website of HP for hardware diagnostic tools. Often, the safest and most useful way to resolve the HP Laptop hanging problem is replacing the defective parts.

  1. Does the problem still persist? Then you need to reboot the HP laptop and test out the settings. There may be unused background programs or processes causing the issue.
  2. If the issue continues, the step you can take is to force shut down. Make sure to save all your current documents prior to trying to solve the hanging issues. It allows the users to access all of the files and programs on their laptops. If you still find the problem go over the previous step again.
  3. Can’t you save the current document you are working on? Then close all of the running processes and programs on your HP laptop. And you may also have to shut down the laptop forcefully if needed. If you still experience the hanging problem, you should restart the device. Be sure to save your current documents too. When the process gets completed, you will most probably be able to use your HP laptop again. You can also follow the above steps if the problem still persists.
  4. You may also have to modify the BIOS settings in the laptop to solve the issue. Simply press the power button of your HP laptop for 15 seconds and after that, press the Esc key. You will have to wait to get the laptop rebooted normally. And during this time, you can also prefer performing an HP hardware diagnostics or Windows update to understand if the issue is software or hardware related. The last step to take is downloading the latest windows and drivers.

Are you asking people, “How to solve the hanging problem in HP Laptops?”? If you are not sure how to go about fixing it, take it to the nearest service center. HP Laptop Service Center in Kolkata is a popular name in this field to solve such a problem and is more related to laptops. Make your decision fast!