If the HP laptop slugs with its performance, then it becomes a Severe headache for any company or any person. We often treat technology as typical consumers, forgetting that it also needs service. It is not surprising that sooner or later the speed of the laptop drops to such an extent that it becomes very uncomfortable to work on it. The possibilities of component upgrades (for example, expanding the amount of RAM) are not always there, and they are not always needed. As a rule, you can improve the performance of your HP laptop by following the below simple steps given by the experts at the HP laptop service center in Kolkata.

What do you need to do?

Any optimization of the computer on Windows begins with “scanning & decluttering”.

First of all scan everything in your system

Malware, lack of space on the system disk, cache buffer not cleared of small files in time reduce the performance of the laptop. Many times also some viruses slow down the laptop. Once you scan the whole system you can automatically know the exact problem. Remember! your HP laptop needs regular scanning. This is because nowadays we are connecting with several networks due to study or work. This makes regular scanning an unavoidable activity if you want to protect all your data. Never go for free antivirus software always prepare the paid one because they give more protection against antiviruses. You should choose the programs like malware and anti-phishing protection for more safety.

Then comes decluttering

It means deleting all unnecessary documents and apps you have on your HP laptop. Many times we download many unused files during surfing. Also creating many files before but those have no use now. So it is greatly suggested that to delete them all. Sometimes these files are the reason for overheating of your system.

Remember! To have the backup of all your necessary documents before deleting them.

If it is hard for you to solve the issue then connect with experts at the HP laptop service center in Kolkata or in your area.

Defragment your hard drive

During our use of laptops, the hard drive accumulates a lot of fragmented files. During the uninstalling various programs, & overwriting, these files are created and take up small pieces of space on the drive. Subsequently accessing them, the hard drive wastes time. As a result, the computer often freezes.

This method tidies up the hard drive by gathering programs and dividing records. Thus, the hard drive doesn’t squander or waste its energy on them. You can go through this system by utilizing the classic tools of your system.

Importantly! SSDs don’t need defragmentation: they’re already faster than hard drives. What’s more, it can shorten the lifespan of SSDs due to the limited number of reading/write cycles

Clean up the dust also

Do you know dust is also another main cause of overheating that is directly proportional to slowing down the system? The activity of your system is negatively affected due to the increase in temperature. Sometimes your laptop completely loses performance. When the dust has accumulated in the cooling system it failed the operation of the cooler. So experts at HP Laptop Service Center in Kolkata highly suggest cleaning the dust on time.

Recommendation: If you clean the laptop from dust in time, change the thermal paste, the likelihood of overheating will decrease.

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