With the help of modern technology, all HP laptops increase their battery life. The battery life depends upon the way you use it. You can follow several ways to extend your HP laptop’s battery life. In this article, we will describe those few tricks that you can follow easily. Let’s start;

Steps you should follow to increase the battery life of your HP Laptop

Decreases the brightness:

The more screen brightness is the more power the laptop use. Yes, many laptops use, more power to brighten your laptop screen. We all know the brighter the laptop screen the good quality picture you will get. But the dark laptop screen impacts the user experience.

Turn on the power saving option:

Mostly all laptop comes with a balanced power setting initially. But you have the option to change the power setting. By turning on the power-saving mode, you can turn off most background activities. For better user experience the manufacturer gives a balance power use setting. But they consume more battery energy. With power-saving mode, you can maximize the HP laptop battery’s life.

Modify the power setting:

The advanced HP laptop has the feature of customizing your uses. Yes, you can modify the power setting according to your use. The laptop is always in the maximum performance mode. It consumes so much energy. But if you reset it according to your use, then you can able to improve your laptop’s battery life.

Turn off all the unused system settings:

Many times we do not notice the Bluetooth or WIFI stay turned on. We need to turn them off if we are not using them at that moment. We already explain every single activity you do on your laptop that consumes energy. So turn off all unused options.

Disconnect or remove any external unused device:

Same as the above point we need to remove if any unused extra device we inserted. Like CD, DVD, Pen drive, USB need to be disconnected when we are not using them.

Use integrated processor graphics:

An integrated processor graphics is the best choice nowadays. Regardless of whether your PC is furnished with a discrete designs chip from AMD or NVidia, odds are great that it additionally has the coordinated illustrations of the processor (generally Intel). In principle, the default settings should be to such an extent that a strong designs chip is turned on just during gaming or working with different illustrations requesting applications, yet you need to check if so.

Upgrading the drive:

Mechanical hard drives are utilized broadly in laptops. But we all know this drive consumes more power than SSDs. So upgrading the drive of your laptop is a better option. It improves the battery life also makes your laptop faster than ever.

Memory Optimize:

Most of the time your laptop has not much space that you need to do your work! This makes your laptop slow down which implies using more energy. The more energy your laptop uses, the life of your laptop battery decreases. So optimize your memory or upgrade it. With this, you can able to improve the potential amount of battery life.

Hope this article helps you to improve your HP laptop’s battery life. If you are still not sure how to go about fixing it, take it to the nearest HP Laptop Service Center. Or if you are in Kolkata find the best HP Laptop Service Center in Kolkata and take help from the expert technicians.